Zirconium Dioxide

Zirconium Dioxide

As China’s ZIRCONIUM Powder (Zirconium Dioxide ) Professional suppliers and factory we can provide the zirconium silicate ultrafine powder

Our zirconium powder average particle size is 0.95μm

Nano Zirconium Dioxide Powders is a kind of nontoxic and tasteless white powder, it has high stable chenical property, high mechanical strength resistance to thermal shock with best quality.

In a word,Zirconia Powder is an ideal raw meterial which can be used in many areas.Like Ceramic galze|bioceramics|watch cases|high-tech ceramics|functional ceramics

Industrial zirconium silicate powder for ceramic

Typical chemical properties Value
ZrO2 ≧65%
Sio2 ≦32.8%
Ai2O3 ≦0.4%
Fe2O3 ≦0.1%
TiO2 ≦0.15%
Typical physical properties
Hardness(Moh’s Scals) 7.5
Whiteness(%)℃ ≧92
Coefficient thermal expansion
Specific surface area(cm2/cm3) ≧132000
Specific gravity(g/cm3) 4.6

High purity Medical Grade Zirconium dioxide ZrO2 for Dental Ceramic

Properit properties Type
ZrO2(HfO2)% 94.7
Y2O3% 5.2+/-0.1
SiO2% ≤ 0.005
Fe2O3% ≤ 0.003
CaO%≤ 0.002
MgO≤ 0.003
TiO2≤ 0.001
Na2O≤ 0.001
Cl≤ 0.1
Lgnition%≤ 0.2
Binder% 0
Sintering Temperature 1500
Sintered Density 6.05
Three-point Flexural strength(Mpa) 1000
pecific Surface Area(m2/g) 10+/-1
Crystallite Size(nm) 40-80


Used in making machinery parts,structural ceramics such as knivers,tools and watch cases,as well as bio ceramics,functional ceramics and other high-tech ceramics.

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