What is  Tourmaline?

The tourmaline powder is mainly used in the fields of environment protection, tobacco, dope, spinning, cosmetics, water and air purifying, defending electoral radiation, health caring stuffs and so on.Tourmaline powder can be used in cosmetics to activate the facial skin, and achieve the goal of disinfection and sterilization.

The tourmaline can absorb the peculiar smell emitted from the paint or colloid.

The powder of tourmaline can be used to defending magnetism and moisture, warm keeping bedquilt, cotton mat, electrical radiation defending shirt, vest, and insole.

What is anion powder?

The nano anion powder is produced by nano-technology through special processing. Besides all functions of the ordinary anion powders, it has the following characteristics: Particle size is less than 20nm and can be dispersed into water without any complicated treating method or equipment.
The nano anion solution is produced by nano-tech through special processing. With ultra-fine particle size and evenly dispersion, it has stable performance and can be distributed into any required concentration.

Tourmaline Powder Applications:
1. High pure tourmaline is the bijou that can be made into jewelry such as necklace bracelet, etc.
2. It can be used in deodorizing wall paper, floorboard, ceiling board furniture inner wall coasting material and concrete.
3. Packing material with the function of antibacterial and fresh keeping.
4. The healthy filling of cigarette filter tip.
5. Purification materials for water and air.
6. Additive of toothpaste and cosmetic
7. Antibacterial coating and is used in electronic equipment and house hold electric.
8. Made composite ceramic with the function of antibacterial sterilization and deodorization.

Tourmaline Powder Chemical composition

element Percent by weight (%)
SiO2 37.05
Al2O3 29.8
MgO 8.05
CaO 1.18
K2O 0.09
FeO 8.33
NaO2 1.19
Cr2O3 0.22
B2O3 10.16
TiO2 0.44