Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide

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Titanium Dioxide The main ingredient is (TiO2) white pigment, has two type: Anatase Titanium Dioxide |Rutile titanium dioxide

Anatase Titanium Dioxide is also called TTD-A

Anatase Titanium Dioxide Application:

Anatase titanium dioxide is belong to pigment grade titanium dioxide, with hiding power, high tinting strength, good weather resistance and so on. Mainly used in rubber, plastics, paper, ink, paint and chemical fiber and other industrial

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Aantase titanium dioxide Technical specification:

ITEM Technical Specifications
TiO2 % ≥98. 5
Scattering Power (Compared to the standard) ≥105
Whiteness(Compared to the standard) No less than
105℃ Volatile (g/100g) % ≤0.5
Water Dispersible Power,% ≥70
Fineness(45μm sieve residue) % ≤0.05
PH value 6. 8~8. 0
Oil absorption ≤23
Resistivity Ω. m ≥22
Iron content PPM ≤50
L ≥100.2
b -0.6~-0.2


Rutile titanium dioxide, suitable for all kinds of architectural Paint, industrial paint, anti-corrosion paint, ink, powder coating and other industries

Rutile titanium dioxide Application:

Rutile titanium dioxide can be used for the Road marking paint |Automotive Paint |Advanced paint |Architectural Paint | Aircraft Paint |Appliance Paint | Wood Paint |Bridge Paint |Plastic Paint |Paper Paint |Marine Paint |Wind Power Paint |Nuclear Paint |Pipe Paint| Steel Paint |Rubber Paint |Aerospace Paint

Rutile titanium dioxide also can be used for

Anti-corrosion Paint |anti-rust Paint |insulation Paint |high temperature Paint |anti-aging Paint |acid-base Paint |chemical resistant Paint

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Rutile titanium dioxide Technical specification:

Items Technical Specifications
Titanium dioxide content ≥94.4%
Matter volatile at 105℃ at point of acceptance 0.4%
Matter soluble in water ≤0.2%
Residue on sieve (45μm) ≤0.03%
Colour(L*) ≥95.1
Scattering power ≥104%
PH of aqueous suspension 7.4
Oil absorption value ≤20g/100g
Resistivity of aqueous extract, ≥90
Content of rutile ≥99%

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