Talc Powder also called hydrous magnesium silicate, China is one of the largest exporters of talcum powder, Chinese talcum powder has many advantages, High whiteness 96, Free of Pesticides and Asbestos, and price is cheap, mainly market is Southeast Asia\Korea and Japan\Europe and America

Chemical Parameters
Item Result
Silica as SiO2 % 62
Alumina as Al2O3 % 0.25
Iron as Fe2O3 % 0.28
Calcium as CaO % 0.4
Magneslum as MgO % 31.5
Physical Parameters
Soluble Copper%≤ 0.004
Moisture % ≤ 0.3
PH 7-10
whiteness 96
Oil-absorbed 20-50
Passing through D98 2-5 micron
Soluble Manganese%≤ 0.05
Acid-soluble substance%≤ 5.5
Restricted metal(Pb+Cr+VI)%)≤ none
Benzo(a)pyrene(BaP)≤ none
DEHP+DBP+BBP%≤ 0.0005
Pesticides%≤ none
Asbestos none

Talc powder can be used for the comestic, Rubber&Plastic, Coating&paint, Ceramic, Pharmaceuticals&Food, Papermaking, WPC, Talc masterbatch

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