Silica Hydrated

Silica Hydrated (white carcon black /silicon dioxide)

As an environmentally friendly and excellent additive, Silica Hydrated (white carcon black /silicon dioxide) is mainly used in rubber products(including high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber), textile, paper making, pesticide ,Cosmetic and food additives.

Silica Hydrated (white carcon black /silicon dioxide) Characteristic: It is a white and colloidal micro-particle with its primary micro-particle from 5-40 nm and has obvious properties such as thixotropy, reinforcing,thickening and filling etc. and is insoluble in all kinds of solvents and liquids except hydrofluoric acid and concentrated bases.

As china Silica Hydrated suppliers and manufacturers, Our silica hydrated application as follows;

1, Rubber products

Silica Hydrated (white carcon black /silicon dioxide) used in color rubber products to replace carbon black reinforcement,to meet the needs of white or translucent products. White carbon also has super adhesion, tear and heat aging resistance,so in black rubber products can also replace part of the carbon black, in order to obtain high quality rubber products,such as off-road tires, engineering tires, Radial Tire and so on

2, Agricultural chemicals Products

In agrochemicals, such as pesticides, high efficiency spray fertilizers maintain long-lasting efficacy because of their extremely high surface area, high adsorption capacity, ease of suspension, good affinity and chemical stability. Even in the rain, washing and hot conditions, can still remain unchanged long-term material, the use of silica as a carrier or diluent, disintegrant

3, Daily chemical products

With white carbon black filler and abrasive transparent color and opaque toothpaste,

such toothpaste has good flexibility, dispersion, smooth paste, soft, abrasive and good, does not erode the toothpaste tube body; it can keep the drug toothpaste Pharmacological stability.

Especially with fluoride has a good compatibility, can avoid the disadvantages of calcium salt as an abrasive to produce insoluble salt

1, Binder

2, Anti-caking agent

3,Paper packing

4, In addition can also be used in firefighting agents, feed, cosmetics, flatting agent, paint, paint and many other industries

Silica Hydrated (white carcon black /silicon dioxide) Specification

Item Index
Appearance White Powder
SiO2 Content(Dry Basic) % ≥96.0
Average pore diameter (nm) 8-12
Specific surface area (m2/g) 300-580
Loss on ignition   1000℃ 2h ≤8.5%
Moisture (at 105℃ for 2h) ≤5%
Pore volume (ml/g) 0.9-1.3
PH Value (100g/l in 10% aqueous suspension) 5.0~8.0
BET Specific area(m²/g) 145-165
DBP abosorption (cm³/g) 2.0-3.0
Heavy metal(Pd) %≤ ≤0.003
Pb content Lead, %≤ ≤0.0005
As content %≤ ≤0.0003
Partical size (um, D50) 3-15
Mpa Modulus 500% ≥6.3
Mpa Tensile Strengh ≥17.0
Elongation @ Break ≥675


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