Ready Clay

What is Ready Clay?

Ready clay consists of kaolin, feldspar, ball clay, quartz, and so on, these raw materials are mixed with water and ball-milled for 17 hours to grind them into extremely fine particles. The mixture of clay and water is called the “slip”, which is later transformed into clay rods for jiggering or slips for casting.

The moisture content of the clay has to be controlled precisely to maintain a consistent foring shrinkage.  Avacuum process removes any air bubbles inside the clay to elimiate surface bloating during firing. Different testing procedures such as chemical analysis, glaze and clay thermal expansion, water absorption and thermal stability are performed on both our clay and fired bodies to ensure production reachs our quality benchmarks.

Ready Clay Specification/TDS

Items Data
Median Particle Size (microns) 1.00 – 0.00
Dry Brightness 87.0 – 91.0
Specific Gravity 2.60
Tapped Density (lbs./ft.³) 33.00 – 39.00
Loose Density (lbs./ft.³) 12.00 – 17.00
Pounds / solid gallon 21.66
One Pound Bulks, (gallons) 0.0462
Oil Absorption 38.00 – 42.00
Chemical Properties
SiO2 – Silicon Dioxide (%) 44.00 – 46.00
Al2O3 – Aluminum Oxide (%) 38.00 – 41.00

ready clay

ready clayready clay