As China’s most Professional clay Supplier, We have 25 years of experience, Product use range
involving to chemical, pharmaceutical, food, industrial and so on

Our clay includes the following series:

Kaolin series: Metakaolin, halloysite, Calcined kaolin, Washed kaolin, Kaolin ore, Noodle kaolin, Cake kaolin

Bentonite series: Sodium bentonite, Calcium bentonite, Yellow bentonite, White bentonite, Natural bentonite, Activated bentonite, Organic bentonite

Talcum powder series: Cosmetic grade talcum powder, Industrial grade talcum powder, Talcum powder ore

Sepiolite series: Sepiolite powder, Sepiolite fiber

Perlite series: Perlite powder, Perlite ore, Perlite sand, Expanded perlite

Titanium Dioxide Series: Anatase Titanium Dioxide, Rutile Titanium Dioxide

Negative ion series: Negative ion ball, Anion powder, Tourmaline powder ball, Tourmaline powder, Eedical stone ball, Maifan stone Particles

Salt lamp series: Natural shape salt lamp, Custom shape salt lamp

Vermiculite series: Golden vermiculite, Silvery vermiculite, Vermiculite, Expansive vermiculite

Clay series: Red clay, Yellow clay, Porcelain clay, Ready clay, ball clay

ready clay products