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As China Desiccant clay Suppliers, our Desiccant clay Particle Size is 0.5 -1.8 mm; 1.8 mm -4.0 and can be also custom the size requirements ;At 25℃ RH=80% Absorptivity is 28%, The color is pink or white

What’s desiccant clay?

The clay desiccant, as a physically adsorbed desiccant, does not undergo shape change due to deliquescence after moisture absorption, does not generate heat when in contact with water, contains few water-soluble substances, and has a pH of 6 to 8 near neutrality.

How to get the desiccant clay suppliers?

When you see there, I think you have found a good and reliable desiccant clay suppliers, right, we’re the biggest manufacturer in China, As desiccant clay suppliers, our quality is best, price is competitive, Please let me show your our desiccant clay characteristics

  •  Natural, non-toxic, tasteless, environmental-friendly, non-polluting, 100% naturally degradable, clay as its raw material, will not pollute the environment after being discarded.
  • Super absorbent capacity Under the same conditions, the absorbent capacity is stronger than silica gel; after moisture absorption, it does not reverse osmosis, which ensures that the desiccant   package is always in a dry state.
  • To odor, can selectively adsorb formaldehyde and gaseous sulfides and other harmful gases in the air.
  • can be processed into regular high-strength spherical particles, no dust during use.

Desiccant clay SuppliersDesiccant clay SuppliersDesiccant clay Suppliers


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