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Water-based paint kaolin; Ceramic kaolin; Calcined kaolin; Washed kaolin; Metakaolin; halloysite; Papermaking kaolin

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Kaolin suppliers

Paint/Coating Kaolin Features:
1, high brightness
2, non-toxic harmless without any smell
3, good adsorption
4, a wide range of applications: water-based paint, home improvement paint, indoor and outdoor wall paint, fire paint, high temperature coatings
5, can replace some of the expensive titanium dioxide

The mesh size of paint/coating kaolin:
200 mesh, 325 mesh, 600 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh, 2000 mesh, 4000 mesh, 6000 mesh

kaolin data sheet

Physical Parameters Specification
Particle Size (mm) 0-300
Physical Colour White/Off-White/Light Grey
Moisture (%) 3.0 Max
Acid Test in 20% HCI No Effervescence
Expansion After pressing (%) 0.9 Max
Sample Firing Temperature/Cycle time 1220℃, 60mins Cycle in Lab Roller Kiln
Fired M.O.R (kg/cm2) 80 Min
Fired Shrinkage (%) 10Max
Fired Colour White/Off-white/pinkish-White
Water Absorption (%) 25.0 Max
Fired Bulk Density (gm/cc) 1.6-2.4
L.a.b Values Min 85 (-1.0 +1.2) (5-10)

Silica as SIO2 (%) 60-80
Alumina as Al2O3(%) 12-25
Iron as Fe2O3(%) 1.0 Max
Calcium as CaO (%) 1.5 Max
Magneslum as MgO (%) 1.0 Max
Sodium as Na2O(%) 1.0 Max
Potassium as K2O(%) 3.0 Max
Titanium as Tio2 (%) 1.5 Max
Manganese as MnO (%) 0.1 Max
Loss om Ignition @ 1000 ℃ 14.0 Max

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