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Ceramic kaolin also called the porceclain clay, As ceramic kaolin suppliers, our ceramic kaolin can be used for  ceramic body

ceramic glazeand other pottery and porcelain


Ceramic Kaolin| Porcelain clay| china clay | Pottery and Porcelain kaolin

As a best manufacturer of ceramic kaolin suppliers, We have so many kinds of kaolin

like:Porcelain clay, china clay , Pottery and Porcelain kaolin

Ceramic kaolin also called the porceclain clay, china clay, which is used for the ceramic body

ceramic glazeand other pottery and porcelain

Ceramic kaolin data sheets:

Item Standard Test result
SiO2 % ≥76 77.5
CaO% ≤1 0.3
Fe2O3 % ≤1 0.28
Al2O3 % ≤25 21.6
Na2O% ≤0.2 0.1
K2O% ≤1 0.22
L.O.I. % ≤2 1.2
 whiteness ≥91 92
Specific Gravity 2.2 2.2
PH 5-7 6
Moisture%≤ 0.2 0.11
Particle Size (Less than 2μm%)*> 90 96
325mesh residue(45μm%)≤ 0.05 0.01
Oil absorption 50±5 55

What’s Ceramic Kaolin?

Making Ceramics is one of the main uses of kaolin

The advantage of ceramic kaolin is high molding rate, good viscosity, easy cracking, and suitable

calcination temperature. ceramic kaolin finished product has a smooth surface and is easily glazed

The Ceramic kaolin what can be used to?

Ceramic kaolin has a high aluminum content, a solid agglomerate and a high degree of refractoriness

after molding.It is suitable for firing various electrical base ceramics, toilets, and ultra-fine calcined kaolin.

It can also be used to make ceramic glazes.The glaze has a high hardness. High hiding power, smooth

and pore-free, suitable for firing high-grade ceramics

How to Distinguish the Quality of ceramic kaolin

1, Whiteness and Brightness

Whiteness is one of the main parameters of the process performance of ceramic kaolin, and the high purity

kaolin is white.Kaolin whiteness is divided into natural whiteness and calcined whiteness.

For ceramic materials, the whiteness after calcination is more important, the higher the calcining whiteness,

the better the quality.

2, Particle size Distribution

The particle size distribution refers to the proportion (expressed in percent) of particles in natural kaolin

(in millimeters or micron meshes).The size distribution characteristics of ceramic kaolin are of great significance

to the ore selectability and process application.Its particle size has a great influence on its plasticity, mud viscosity,

ion exchange capacity, molding performance, drying performance and firing performance.

Ceramic kaolin mines require technical processing. Whether it is easy to process to the fineness required by the

process has become one of the criteria for evaluating the quality of ceramic kaolin ore.

3, Drying performance

Drying performance refers to the performance of kaolin clay during drying. Including drying shrinkage,

drying strength and drying sensitivity.Dry shrinkage refers to the shrinkage of ceramic kaolin puddles

after dehydration and drying.

In the ceramic process, the drying shrinkage is too large, and the blanks are easily deformed or cracked.

Our ceramic kaolins undergo rigorous testing to ensure that the drying shrinkage is within a certain range

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