Metakaolin is a special concrete additive/product which can provide many specific features.

metakaolin can be improved concrete strength & performance,whihc used for Grouts, Mortars, Blended Cement Products

Metakaolin is a white color powder that brightens concrete,It is manufactured especially for use in concrete and to assure consistent appearance.

The metakaolin is a new type of clay formed by removing impurities such as compounds from kaolin. Metakaolin used for concrete advantage is that the appearance of the concrete can be consistent and color does not change

Metakaolin will make the concrete products surface clean and after so many years will not show pitting and deterioration

It makes concrete more consistent so we can create an ultra smooth surface without flow lines or objectionable blemishes. Used with white portland cement, metakaolin can be make the surface more brightness and the bright white metakaolin helps intensify the color we are after.