Mask Clay

As china mask clay suppliers and manufacturers

Mask clay has gentle oil-absorbing properties, making this mask suitable for both dry and oil skin types

Mask clay is a natural clay, does not contain any impurities and harmful ingredients, is purified after the production of cosmetics-specific clay

Mask removes sebum and tightens pores!

Our mask clay powder is good for eliminating sebum and this product can be exfoliates skin/ removes sebum/takes care of blackheads/tightens pores/purifies skin/ brightens skin +/balances oil and water/

Cosmetic clay Specification:

Decoloring ability Min 95%
Free acid(NaOH) Max 0.25%
Moisture Max 9%
PH 4
Specific surface area 285m2/g
Density 0.59 g/ml
Heavy metal (pb) Max 0.005%
Arsenic content Max 0.0005%
Particle size (200 mesh) Min 95%

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