Lithium bentonite

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The Lithium bentonite have white color and yellow color, The size have 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 1250 mesh and nano grade

Lithium bentonite

Lithium bentonite is made of natural bentonite modified by lithium carbonate. It has both sodium-based bentonite immersion hydration and swelling properties,

and organic bentonite properties. It can dissolve into colloid or fully swell in water and polar organic solvents such as ethanol.

Increase the viscosity of the coating. It is suitable for water-based coatings, refractory base coatings as thickeners and suspension stabilizers to increase the viscosity of coatings and form solvated films and three-dimensional network structures on the surface of the base particles to support and prevent particle sinking. This kind of paint is applied on the metallized casting sand surface. Because the solvent ethanol is volatile, it can form a dry film layer quickly, which can make the furnace sand type and make the casting more smooth.

Lithium bentonite Characteristic

(1) It has extremely high physicochemical properties, and its dispersibility, swelling and low water loss in water are superior to those of similar sodium bentonite.

(2) After being wetted with a small amount of water, it has extremely high expansion, thickening and suspension stability in an alcohol solution.

(3) It has a certain wet and dry adhesion.

(4) It can be used in coatings made of water-based, alcohol-based and other polar solvents.

(5) The paint produced by the product has low gas generation, good thixotropy and coating performance, stable viscosity of the coating, easy precipitation and long storage period.

(6) The product is a non-toxic and tasteless white solid powder, which is convenient to use.

Lithium bentonite use

  1. It is mainly used in various kinds of precision casting industry, such as alcohol-based coating suspension agent, anti-sand binder and various ceramic color glaze coatings. It is used as a suspension, thixotropic agent and anti-precipitation agent for base materials.
  2. It is used in daily chemical industry such as latex paint, as a thixotropic agent for suspending emulsion and paste, latex stabilizer, thickener in strong polar oil solvent,

3, can also be used as a slurry on fabric

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