As a normal Ceramic raw materials Kaolin price is cheap, Now More Kaolin USES have been developed like papermaking, Coating&paint, Chemical, Rubber&Plastic and Cables and Cords even in the cosmetic /Drug field

Kaolin Test report|Kaolin Specification| Kaolin Data sheet

Physical Parameters
Particle Size 320mesh—Nanoscale
Color White/Off-White/Light Grey
Moisture (%) 1.0 Max
Acid Test in 20% HCI No Effervescence
Expansion After pressing (%) 0.9 Max
Fired M.O.R (kg/cm2) 80 Min
Fired Shrinkage (%) 10Max
Fired Colour White
Water Absorption (%) 25.0 Max
Fired Bulk Density (gm/cc) 1.6-2.4
Whitness (%) 85-96
Chemical Parameters
Silica as SIO2 (%) 56-72
Alumina as Al2O3(%) 25-35
Iron as Fe2O3(%) 1.0 Max
Calcium as CaO (%) 0.5 Max
Magneslum as MgO (%) 0.4 Max
Sodium as Na2O(%) 0.1 Max
Potassium as K2O(%) 0.3 Max
Titanium as Tio2 (%) 1.0 Max
Manganese as MnO (%) 0.1 Max
Loss on Ignition @ 1000 ℃ 11.0 Max


Kaolin can also be divided into Metakaolin, halloysite, Nanokaolin, calcined kaolin, washed kaolin

Noodles kaolin, cakes and kaolin

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