Glossy Kaolin

Glossy Kaolin is a mixture of inorganic nonmetal, it devided into raw kaolin clay, washed kaolin and calcined kaolin , the physical and chemical properties which has a certain change, in order to meet certain requirements.our product can be widely used in ceramics, rubber, paints, plastics, leather, cement, refractory materials, chemical industry and so on.

Glossy kaolin is produced from highly refined kaolin through grind, calcination and classification. It has high purity and the quality is stabled.
It offers superfine particle and with excellent antisettling property; It can easily disperse in water based systems; It is inert to most acids and alkaline at ambient temperature and offers good anticorrosive capabilities.

Glossy kaolin Features and advantages
  1. High quality & good whiteness
  2. Good stability
  3. High density
  4. Low porosity
  5. Low water absorption
  6. Glossy kaolin

As China Glossy kaolin suppliers and manufacturers, We services all industiral like: Coating/Paint industrial; Chemical industrial; Ceramic industrial; Rubber/Plastic industrial

Glossy kaolin is a laminated calcined kaolin powder material whose chemical composition is anhydrous aluminum silicate.The product has high whiteness after the best grinding and calcining, and is widely used in coating field.The anti – cracking and scrubbing properties of the film were improved.It is the best extension agent for expensive titanium dioxide, which can replace titanium dioxide and reduce packing cost

Glossy Kaolin Specification/TDS

Typical Properties Value
Appearance White glossy kaolin Powder
Al2O3(%)Content 44+2.0
SiO2(%) 51+2.0
Fe2O3(%) <0.5
Whiteness >93
GE Brightness (%) >90
Screen Residue, 325 Mesh (%) 0.01
Free Moisture@105 deg C (%) <1.0
pH (28% solids) 7
Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 2.58
Avg. Stokes Equivalent Particles Diameter (um) 0.18
Bulk Density, Loose (lbs/ft3 / kg/m3) 13 / 210
Bulk Density, Tamped (lbs/ft3 / kg/m3) 18 / 290
Oil Absorption 50
Hegman >6.5
Refractive Index 1.55

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