Diatomite Suppliers

Diatomite Suppliers

As suppliers and manufacturer of Diatomaceous earth, we have diatonite powder and diatomite particle which can be used for the Sewage treatment |Diatomaceous earth particles adsorbent |diatom ooze |Beer filtration |Cosmetic industrial |brewed beverage

Diatomaceous earth is the ancient single-cell diatoms remains of sediment

Diatomite characteristics: light weight, porous, high strength, wear resistance, insulation, thermal insulation, adsorption and filling a good performance.

Kieselguhr Has good chemical stability.

Diatomite Is insulation, grinding, filtration, adsorption, anticoagulation, stripping, filling, carriers and other important industrial materials.

Diatomaceous earth Can be widely used in metallurgy, chemicals, electricity, agriculture, fertilizers, building materials insulation products and other industries. Can also be used for plastic, rubber, ceramics, paper and other industrial functional filler.=

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Diatomite Application

1, Centrifugal casting (pipe) coating

2, Building exterior (interior) wall paint

3, Rubber industry filter

4, Pesticide industry

5, Compound fertilizer industry

6, Plastic industry

7, Papermaking industry

8, Feed industry

9, Horticulture/Ceramic/Daily chemical industry

Diatomaceous earth |Diatomite |Kieselguhr Technical  specification:

Color: Buff/Pink
Form: Powdered
Raw Material: Diatomite
Grade: Calcined
Permeability, Darcy 0.22
Wet Density, g/cm3 0.39
+150 Mesh,% 0.6
pH(10% water slurry): 7.8
Free Moisture ( %) 0.5
Tap density, g/cm3 0.45


Loss on lgnition 0.22%
SiO2 89.6%
A12O3 3.02%
Fe2O3 1.50%
CaO 0.21%
MgO 0.28%

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