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What’s china clay?

China clay is also called Pottery clay, argil, figuline, porcelain clay, As China leading suppliers and manufacturer of china clay.Our mothly output is 5000Tons, china clay is a white powder clay, that can be used for the Ceramic body, Sanitary toilet, Electronic porcelain

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China clay can improve the wear resistance of ceramics, impact resistance, special aluminum content can increase the rate of ceramic molding and fire resistance, especially suitable for some high temperature resistant ceramic products

What is the use of china clay?

china clay’s main purpose is to make the ceramic , our china clay is developed according to the latest international ceramic standard, which is suitable for all kinds of ceramic products as follows:

1, daily ceramics: such as tableware, tea sets, cylinders, altars, pots, pots, plates, dishes, bowls and so on.
2. Building a sanitary ceramic: such as bricks, drains, tiles, external wall tiles, sanitary ware, etc.
3. Chemical ceramics: Acid-resistant containers, pipes, towers, pumps, valves, and acid-resisting bricks, ash, etc. used in various chemical industries.
4.Electric Porcelain: Insulators used in high and low voltage transmission lines on the power industry. Motor bushings, post insulators,

low-voltage electrical and lighting insulators, and telecommunication insulators, radio insulators, etc.

China clay Characteristic

  1. High refractoriness.
  2. Physicochemical stability
  3. Bulk density high
  4. Low porosity.
  5. Low water absorption.
  6. Fully calcined
  7. Low impurity content.
  8.  Pure white.

China clay data sheet

GE Brihtness ≥94
Particle size(-2μm,%) 74-78
average grain size (μm) 1.2±0.1
Screen residue(325mesh,%) ≤0.01
oil absorption(g/100g) 60±5
moisture(%) ≤0.5
Dispersion(Hegman, μm) ≤60
PH 6.0-8.0

China clay Picture

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