Calcined Alumina

Cazined Al2O3 Calcined Aluminium Oxide

Calcined Alumina suppliers

China Suppliers of Cazined Al2O3 Calcined Aluminium Oxide is widely used in monolithic refractory and high grade fine ceramic industry which optimize the performance of the product.

The series of reactive Alumina powder have properties like high rate of activity, micro grain size, and complete phase transformation etc.

Reactive Alumina powder is the fundamental components of high quality refractory products like fine ceramics and castable refractories.

Cazined Al2O3 Calcined Aluminium Oxide Chemical Analysis(Calcined Alumina suppliers):

Al2O3: 99,8 %

Na2O: 0,03 bis 0,08 %

Fe2O3: 0,02 bis 0,03 %

SiO2: 0,01 bis 0,1 %

CaO: 0,01 bis 0,03 %

B2O3: 0,01 bis 0,03 %

Cazined Al2O3 Calcined Aluminium Oxide Physical Property(Calcined Alumina suppliers):

Specific surface BET: 0,55 bis 1,3 m²/g

Primary crystal size: 1,5 bis 2,7 µm

Press density: 2,18 bis 2,31 g/cm³

Cazined Al2O3 Calcined Aluminium Oxide Alumina Powder Type(Calcined Alumina suppliers):

Industrial alumina powder—Metallurgical grade alumina powder

Calcined alumina— mainly used in ceramics, refractories, glazing etc

White fused alumina— used in refractory,grinding&polishing,abrasives

Tabular alumina— used in refractory

Cazined Al2O3 Calcined Aluminium Oxide Fetures(Calcined Alumina suppliers)

1) 99.6% min high purity

2) SGS, ISO audited manufacturer
3) mass production ability
4) stable chemical features with fine particle size
5) hot-selling in Asia/ Europemarket with favorable price

Calcined Alumina suppliersCalcined Alumina suppliersCalcined Alumina suppliers