Ball clay

Ball Clay

As China Ball clay leading of suppliers and manufacturers, we have our own ball clay mine, so we can according to customers requirements to custom it

Ball clay is produce a fine quality white-Coloured pottery body when Fireds. Ball clay Pecialized for production ceramic item Such as Toilets,Squatting pan, pedestal

Ball clay is a kind of clay with high plasticity that is rich in organic matter. The Refractoriness of ball clay is usually in the range of 1610-1770°C.

The refractory industry uses a lot of ball clay in rammings, castables, and plastics. Has high plasticity and high fire resistance, used as binder and ceramic material for refractory products

Where to buy ball clay

As china ball clay suppliers and manufacturers, Our ball clay Viscosity is 200-260 CP,

Ball clay Application:

Sanitaryware; Tableware; Wall and floor tiles; Glazes and engobes; Refractory clays;

Construction ceramics: Building materials such as bricks, clay pipes and roof tiles all contain ball clay. Electrical porcelain insulators

ball clay other applications: construction industry; horticulture, agriculture and amenity industries; use as fillers and extenders in polymers, adhesives, plastics, sealants, fertilizers and insecticides.

Ball clay data sheets:

Item Index
SiO2 % ≥49.88
CaO% ≤0.25
Fe2O3 % ≤0.89
Al2O3 % ≤33.42
Na2O% ≤0.18
K2O% ≤0.60
L.O.I. % ≤14
whiteness ≥82
Specific Gravity 2.2
PH 5-7
Moisture%≤ 0.2
Particle Size (Less than 2μm%)*> 90
Viscosity 220CP
Water absorption 14.8

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